Thursday, November 3

after lots of coughs, i went to the doctor yesterday to find out i have bronchitis.  two shots and two prescriptions later, i am on the mend.  stan and granny arrived this evening and i welcome the help they will provide.  i will return to work on saturday and it is much easier to focus knowing stan is here with james. 
james' days are up and down.  it changes from one minute to the next.  the pain seems to be a bit worse today.  he is scheduled for blood work and a visit with the p.a. in the morning.  he will go back next wednesday for the doc to remove his staples.  pray the drive to houston will not be so rough on him. 

many have asked so here it is...a little FAQ
 Q: what will we learn from the surgery?  did they do any tests on the tumor?
 A: the tumor and lymph node were sent to pathology and we should have a full report by the time we see the surgeon next wednesday.

 Q: how long is recovery?
 A: james can not lift, push, or pull anything over five pounds for eight weeks.  during that time, the liver will regenerate itself up to 90% of its normal size.  we can expect james to be very run down and tired during this recovery time because his body is burning all the calories and protein he intakes to rebuild the liver. 

Q: then what?  what happens next?
A:  james will be monitored during recovery for any indication that cancer may still be in his body.  if there is something still there or the possibility, james will undergo a clean up chemo to makes sure everything is gone.  he can not have any chemo until he is 100% recovered from surgery and released by the surgeon. 

Q:  when is a good time to visit?
A:  probably another week or two.  james still isn't sleeping much at night so he sleeps through out the day.  and i know i am sick but we are trying to limit the chance of james catching anything.  a cough or illness would send us in reverse on the road to recovery and i do not want that for him.  his body has been through enough this past year without adding an annoying cough or cold. 

Q: what can i do to help?
A:  continue to pray for james daily.  we know this works! 

we are grateful for and love everyone this blog reaches.  thank you so much for your support this past year!  we are blessed by each of you! 

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  1. Praying for renewed strength,no sign of cancer,health for Amy,rest for both of you and a clear light at the end of this tunnel. God bless you two. Bill and Deb