Tuesday, November 8

Off to a better start...

Every one take a deep breath..............and let it out, ahhhhh,  doesn't that feel good?
I am calm, cool, and collected today!  We finally know the source of all the problems.  Only took four days but I won't harp on that.  I am thankful we found the problem which will lead to the proper treatment and solution!
The CT scan revealed a large collection of fluid at the surgical site.  This fluid mass is occupying the empty space where the right lobe of the liver was before surgery.  This collection of infection is to blame for the largely distended abdomen and pain/tightness felt in James' side.  The fluid is compressing the (_insert big medical term here_)  vein responsible for circulation to the lower extremities.  This explains the horrible swelling in James' feet, ankles, and legs. 
As I type, James is having a procedure done to insert a drain tube.  It is unclear how quickly this fluid will drain or if he will go home with the tube in place. 
It is my prayer that James will experience immediate relief from the pain and be able to clear this speed bump on the road to recovery! 
Make it a terrific Tuesday friends!


  1. Our God is a mighty God and I know he heard your cries.
    Bill and I can't wait for God to reveal his purpose for James life.He is here for a reason and it will be exciting to watch it unfold.
    Amy you are so wonderful and we are so proud of you. Bill and Deb

  2. AMEN Bill and Deb!

    God bless you Amy, and James! God is revealing through James the power in His Word!

    Love you beautiful lady and can't wait to hear that you and James have gone home! Always in my prayers~

    Miss Holly

  3. GOD BLESS THE BOTH OF YOU !!!!! i will continue to pray for the 100% recovery for James !!!!! Froggy