Sunday, November 6

this weekend...

james is still in the hospital.  he has a lot of swelling in his feet, ankles and legs that hasn't gone down with lasix so they will do some tests today to check for blood clots.  he has the beginning stages of pneumonia on his right lung.  it is very painful for him to take deep breaths.  he is on antibiotics and regular breathing exercises to treat this.  he has not run fever since friday and his appetite is slowly returning to normal.
he may go home tomorrow but we've heard that before so we are not getting our hopes up.  we are ready to get off this roller coaster ride!


  1. Prayers are with you. Love you guys.
    Brandy Jo

  2. So sorry you guys have to go through this. We are praying for James and ask God to place his loving,healing arms around his child.We pray for Amy as she continues to be by her husband through thick and thin.We ask all these things in Jesus name. Amen. love,The Bolts