Thursday, November 10

Thursday - Day 7 in the hospital

Things are improving one day at a time.  The swelling in James legs has gone down some and his feet are slowly following suit.  He is sleeping much better than he has in the past two weeks.  He is slowly coming around with his appetite which is hard because he is supposed to intake 150 grams of protein  and 100 ounces of fluids per day.  Yikes! I know its a lot but its what has to be down to regenerate a healthy liver without causing harm to the kidneys! 
The specimen taken from the fluid collection showed a bacterial infection to which the doctors have responded by adding a second antibiotic twice a day.  They are waiting on the final report to determine which antibiotic to send home with James.  The fluid is still draining though not as rapidly as before, James has still lost 12 lbs in four days and that has made him feel much better!
Stan and Granny's trip is drawing to an end.  They will leave early Saturday morning.  They have been by yesterday and are here now to see James.  I really hate we were not home to make the most of their visit but I know the hospital has been the best place for James. 
Discharge tomorrow is not likely due to the pending report.  We are looking at getting out of here Saturday or possibly even Sunday.
Thanks for your continued support through prayer! 
Much love to all,


  1. I am glad that he is in the hospital so that they can keep a close eye on my buddy.I know pain meds take away your appetite so that makes it hard to eat.
    It sounds like he is improving and am glad that they found the infection so that it can be addressed.
    Hang tough sweet lady. To it and through it only with our Lords help.Love you. The Bolts

  2. Ya'll encourage us all..Keep it up. We are looking forward to hearing that you two have gone duck hunting..