Friday, November 4

Back In...

At James' appointment this morning, it was decided he should be put back in the hospital.  The pain seems to be unrelated to the surgery.  Combine that with a slight fever, lack of appetite and bowel movements and you've landed yourself a hospital stay.  They will be running some tests on James through out the day.  He may come home tonight or stay a few days.  We just don't know. 
Prayer needed,


  1. I know we have already talked but I want to say again I am sorry and I think you should go down there now!!

    I hope you are on your way down there as I write this!

    We will be praying for you both and hoping that James gets better soon, keep us updated!

    Much love,
    Joanna and Justin

  2. God bless you both. I hope they get him back on track.We will be praying for you two.Bill and Deb