Tuesday, November 1

there's no place like home

james' at home recovery couldn't be better!  we have been walking and continuing breathing exercises.  james has done a great job staying ahead of his pain by taking pain meds on schedule.  he was able to get some sleep last night but we are both still behind!  i think i might be coming down with something so i have scheduled a doc's appt tomorrow.  i have some chest congestion and a cough.  i hope the doc can give me something so i don't pass this along to james.  we are looking forward to seeing james' dad and granny this week!  they will be staying with us for nine days to help with james so i can return to work.  we can't wait to see them!!! 

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  1. Prayers for continued recovery for the redhead and prayers for his beautiful wife and caregiver. James is lucky to have you Amy. I hope you guys can get caught up on your rest. Love and hugs, The Bolts