Monday, January 31

Back again...

We are back again for a hospital stay.  James came to the ER on Saturday afternoon for a golf ball sized lump in his throat.  He was admitted for an infected and inflamed salivary gland.  They're giving him antibiotics and warm compresses.  His blood counts were extremely low.  He was given a blood transfusion yesterday for the low hemoglobin and a Neupogen shot for the low white blood cell counts.  Not sure when we might get to go home.
As most of you know, James was given Neupogen shots everyday last week to help boost his white blood cell count.  Even with the shot, his wbc was low when we checked into the hospital.  Because of this we ask:
1.) Please call before coming to our house.
2.) Please do not visit if you or a member of your household has been sick or shows symptoms of being sick.
3.) Please do not bring small children to our home until James has completed chemo.
We are hoping to get James through chemo without illness or major infections and we need your help!  We greatly appreciated thoughts, prayers, love and support.

Praying for healing,
James and Amy


  1. So sorry to hear James is back in the hospital but it is not a bad place to be as they can keep a good watch on him and get him back to feeling better. Bill and I will pray for James healing. God bless you two. Keep the faith.Love to you both . Bill and Debbie

  2. We're glad to hear he's doing better and your home. You are wise not to let just anyone come over. If they do happen to come let James wear one of those mask. we are continuing to pray for his complete and total healing and restoration of his body. Ronnie % Bev