Thursday, January 13


Good morning~  I wanted to update everyone since James has gotten out of the hospital and we've had a chance to catch my breath.  James had his ophthalmologist appointment yesterday.  Chemo can effect his eyes but as of now there is no permanent damage and he is still has better than perfect vision.  We are downtown again today for endoscopy.  Dr. Coscio wants to explore the inside of the stomach to rule out 100% there is cancer there.  In the hospital, we learned from an ultrasound the tumor is not responding to the chemotherapy yet.  Dr. Coscio expected to see response after the first round.  With the results of the endoscopy and blood work, we will meet with Dr. Coscio to determine our course of action.  We may continue with the same drugs and chemo schedule but...we may change.  Its still in up in the air.
In other news, James' dad, Stan, will be in town tomorrow night.  The two have big plans to hunt and fish for the weekend.  Lucky for James, Monday is MLK day and our MD Anderson branch is closed so he snagged an extra day of fun! 
James is feeling well.  Once his wbc rebounded, he has felt close to normal!
Happy day, friends!


  1. As always, we are praying for you guys. It sounds like you have a great doctor. We pray for God to guide her and her decisions and discernment in treating our redhead ! Hugs to all. Debbie and Bill

  2. Glad you guys are home! Have a great weekend honey's! God is good...A.W.O.Y.A.