Monday, January 3

Day 6

James had blood work and Bleomycin today.  Bleo is the chemo drug that caused James to be sick last Monday and is maintaining its rep by doing the same tonight.  Dr. Coscio, in an effort to be proactive, recommended that James start Tylenol every four hours until tomorrow for fever and keep his nausea meds on hand.  James has complained of  "not feeling good" all afternoon.  He can't pin point what's bothering him.  Its just an all around yucky feeling. 
Since he started chemo, James has experienced severe heartburn, indigestion and acid reflux.  For this, Dr. Coscio started him on Prilosec today.
 - The first of the month has come and gone and all of our bills are paid.  Thank you Lord for making that happen!
 - We are cover in love and prayer by family members, friends and people we don't even know!  We are so grateful for everyone!
Prayer request~ 
 - James will not be sick tonight like he was last Monday.  Pray for a fever free night.
 - James' blood counts will remain high and we will remain healthy.
 - Please pray tonight for a man at MD Anderson from Alabama.  I don't know this man or his wife but I know they are waiting for results and diagnosis.  I know their agony and pray for peace for them tonight!
Love to all,

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  1. Keeping you close in our hearts. We love you guys. The Bolts