Wednesday, January 19

God is so good...

So James just gave me his blood work report from yesterday and I am so happy to report that his AFP (tumor marker) has gone down from 38000 to 20300! This is a huge indication the cancer is responding to the chemo!!!
Also, our friends Beverly and Ronnie got great test results.  All the tests Ronnie had done came back negative for cancer.  They are back home in Alabama tonight. 
Our God is still on the throne, still working miracles and He is still in the healing business!  Can I get an Amen? 



  1. AMEN and AMEN ! Deb and Bill

  2. Amen! He is so good! Amos, you are doing an awesome job of Praising Him in the Storm...You know the song, While I'm Waiting....Love you guys, and continue to pray for you both daily!! Aunt Donna & Uncle Greg