Sunday, January 9

Wish I were writing better news but here's what we got...
  • James spiked a temp of 102.7 last night and was started on a second antibiotic.  We thought it was working until today when it hit 101.7 about an hour ago.  The attending physician at the hospital ordered blood cultures if his temp went up.  They are no longer calling it a neutropenic fever and they're looking for infection.
  • If James is still in the hospital, he will not receive his regularly scheduled Bleo treatment tomorrow.
  • Because of the fever today, we will likely be here until Tuesday.
  • James is feeling pretty bad this afternoon.
Please continue to pray for healing and praise the Lord for Dr. Coscio's knowledge and caring ways.  She's not on call this weekend but has been in on Saturday and Sunday morning to see James! 


...and as i was finished and getting ready to post, james' iv has come out and he must be stuck again.  please pray for this to be the last stick because he is beginning to feel like a human pin cushion!


  1. Oh,Amy bless your hearts. I doubt he feels like visitors but if he does later text us and we will come down.Bill and Deb

  2. More prayers are being sent your way... We continue to pray for God's strength to help James fight this off. we love you both, Aunt Mary & Uncle Ed

  3. Lots of Love and prayers are sent your way. Wish there was more we could do, but know you are in our every thought. We love you both! Aunt Donna & Uncle Greg

  4. A.W.O.Y. sweethearts~
    Proverbs 56:3
    "Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You."
    Tell your illness about your God! He is watching over you, he will never leave you, take peace in His presence. Love you.