Tuesday, January 4

If it ain't one thing...

...its another!!!  So we made it through the night without any major complications.  James cooks breakfast.  Bethany, Tate and I go out for a two mile walk.  All is well, right?  WRONG!!!  As I am getting ready for work, I walk in my closet to find standing water.  I head into the laundry room which is on the opposite side of the wall from my closet and there's water on the floor there too!  Turns out we have a busted valve at the manifold.  UGH!!!  The plumber has come and gone but the mess remains.



  1. Dad gum it.It rains on the just and the unjust but my goodness! Wish I could come out and help but work is CRAZY right now. Hang in there kid !
    Momma Bolt

  2. Thankful that you have no fever. Will continue to pray for God's hand of mercy, comfort, and healing. Your Ky. cousins. Jennie Polsgrove