Tuesday, January 18

Day 1 of Round 2

We are settled into our infusion room at MD Anderson for the first day of the second round of chemo.  There is not much to report.  James is feeling well at this time but we know that will change.  We have a few options to minimize/manage some of the side effect James experienced with this first round.  I will administer the white blood cell booster shot at home at the end of each chemo cycle to prevent another emergency hospital stay.  Dr. Coscio is also considering changing the infusion rate of Bleo to minimize the side effects. James' dad, Stan, made it to town on Friday and they enjoyed hunting over the weekend.  We are looking forward to having Stan stay with us for the next two weeks!
Love to all,

Oh and that couple I told you about from Alabama is still at MD Anderson downtown.  James and I met them last week and they are precious.  If you don't mind, please include Mr. Ronnie in your prayers today and everyday as he begins a clinical trial treatment today!


  1. Amy, my friend Tammi is the BEST phlebotomist MDA has. I asked her to make sure yall are well taken care of. I have been praying for yall and you havent left my thoughts. Im praying for August too. Hug my friend Taina for me when you see her again. Stay strong, Julie Poland.

  2. Another round closer to curing our favorite redhead. We love you guys.The Bolts