Monday, December 27

Day 1

To start, thanks to all who prayed over James' fever. His temp was normal this morning so he started chemo as scheduled. Praise the Lord!!!
The day started in the lab where routine blood work was drawn then a long visit with Dr. Coscio. To sum it up, the team at MD Anderson is 90% sure James has a germ cell tumor. As a precaution because the diagnosis is not 100%, he will have scans run after his second chemo treatment to monitor how the tumor reacts. For now, he will receive meds, two chemo drugs and fluids over the course of 8 hours/day for 5 days/week every third week for four cycles of treatment. Day one is complete. James' treatments are very aggressive therefore there are lots of side effects.
Today, he experienced a bit of nausea. It was treated intravenously with meds and pretty much knocked him out for the evening. Since we've been home, he has started running a low grade fever accompanied with chills and sweats. Because this side effect was not mentioned today, I called the doctor. At this time, his blood pressure and pulse are normal but I will monitor all three components (temp, bp, and pulse) through the night. If is temp or bp drop, we will land ourselves in the hospital for the evening. Please pray for James.
I will do my best to keep everyone updated. I can not express how much the out pour of love, support and prayer means to us!
Praying for rest,

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