Monday, December 20

Today's Report

Today began with paperwork to set James up as a patient at MD Anderson. We met with Dr. Coscio and she ordered the ultrasound and blood work. This is what we know:
  • James' cancer is not typical of GI or Testicular cancer.
  • MD Anderson has been working to diagnose the type of cancer. They are recreating some of the slides and stains from St. Luke's. We are hoping for a full pathology report from MD Anderson tomorrow or Wednesday.
  • The fever James has been running is due to inflammation around the tumor in his liver. We should not be alarmed at this time and should treat it with tylenol. (yes, tylenol is processed through the liver but its safe at this time because james' liver is functioning 100%)
  • Dr. Coscio is attending a Liver Conference tomorrow at MD Anderson on James' behalf. She will take all of his scans and labs and meet with liver specialists, pathologists and surgeons.
  • The Testicular Ultrasound taken today is normal.
  • We have to make a decision regarding children very soon. All fertility and sperm banking must be done before the treatment begins.

Pray and pray hard...


  1. James and Amy,

    We appreciate you taking the time to provide the updates. You remain in our prayers.

    Paul, Cathy, and Caitlyn

  2. Thanks for the update. You are in our prayers. Aden likes the dog. I it yours? Great job on the record breaking duck hunting season, James! Love, hugs and prayers, U. Dave, A. Diann & Aden from the castle.