Wednesday, December 29

Day 3

We're back at the hospital for day 3 of chemo. James' blood counts were up this morning and his liver and kidneys are in good shape. The treatment is beginning to wear on him as he is already napping. This is a common chemo side effect: fatigue. We'll be here for our normal eight hour day today and tomorrow. On Friday, we will go downtown as our local MD Anderson office will be closed. Say a prayer for our trip to Houston because James is not a fan of my driving!



  1. Keeping you close in thought and prayer.I hope James will continue to try to eat to keep himself strong. Anything he would like for us to bring him that he would eat ?
    Are you Abell says the master ? YEP !Love you guys.

  2. Oh by the way that was the Bolts that just posted the one above.