Friday, December 31

Day 4 and Day 5

Wahoo!  We made it to Friday!  Day 5 and we are done for the week!  I am sorry for the lack of posts yesterday.  No news is good news!  We arrived downtown in true August Hill fashion.  We were exactly one hour early.  I thought the appt was for eight but it turns out it was for eight thirty- oops!
James is doing well.  No nausea and no fever.  He has been a bit more tired but that is to be expected.  For now, he's relaxing, eating Blue Bell Rainbow Sherbet and watching "Gunsmoke".
I will update sometime this weekend as I return to work tomorrow...ugh!
Happy New Year All!!!


  1. Glad to hear all is going ok. We are continuing to pray for both of you. Love, Uncle Ed and Aunt Mary

  2. All of us are so thankful and grateful that James and you are doing well. God has truly blessed all of us this holiday season. Have a Happy New Year. And do keep us posted. Love to all. Michelle

  3. Our daily prays for both of you continue.Tough times do not last but tough people who rely on the Lord get through these times.Oh how high that mountain is gonna look after this tough valley for you two.Happy an dblessed New Year to you. you are loved by the Bolts.