Thursday, December 23

Ready as we'll ever be...

James had his port put in today so we're ready as we'll ever be to start chemo. He's pretty sore so he's resting under some good pain meds. As it stands now, we'll go to MD Anderson- The Woodlands Monday morning at eight for lab work. He will see Dr. Coscio at eight thirty and start chemo after that.
Prayer request~
James' pain will ease and he'll be more comfortable.
His fever will stay down so he can start treatments as scheduled.
Thank God we have insurance! I saw today what a HUGE blessing insurance truly is when I picked up James' meds!

Goodnight all...


  1. still praying let me know if yall need ANYTHING!! love you friends!! have a very merry christmas!! see yall soon.

  2. Ready and waiting for that stuff to get my favorite redhead healed.
    That insurance thing is a God thing. Merry Christmas my friends. Bill and Debbie Bolt