Wednesday, December 15

Where it all began...

I've never considered a blog but considering my attempt to share information with so many people for the past three days, I have decided this will be easiest. James was diagnosed with liver cancer today at age 27 and here's the story...
7:00 AM - James says to me that his side hurts. He's not much of a complainer so I knew it must hurt pretty bad for him to say something. I tell him he's likely pulled a muscle or is just sore from pushing the boat out of the mud over the weekend.
4:00 PM - James sends me a message saying he's in a lot of pain and thinks he's running a fever.
6:45 PM - James is home from work and in pain. I am thinking its time to see a doc. The pain is on his right side about mid-abdomen so I am thinking appendicitis. Makes sense right?
8:00 PM - We arrive at St. Luke's Emergency Clinic. James is checked in, seen by a doctor, blood work and x-rays are ordered.
9:00 PM - Blood work and x-rays are normal. Doctor orders an abdominal CT scan. By now you are thinking this is pretty impressive for an emergency room. It was amazing!!!
11:45 PM - The CT scan is complete.
12:25 AM - The emergency room doctor delivers shocking results of the CT scan. The scan revealed a 10 cm mass on the liver.
2:20 AM - James is taken by ambulance to the hospital.
3:15 AM - We are in a room and ready for rest that just won't come. I guess knowing prayer had began we fall asleep around 4:45 AM
Its still Tuesday...
7:00 AM - We meet Dr. Angela Coscio, MD. General Oncology. oncologist is a cancer doctor. It becomes very real what this could be.
10:00 AM - James goes for a needle biopsy of this mass.
2:45 PM - Dr. Coscio is treating James for liver cancer. We don't have the results of the biopsy but based on her experience, she unofficially diagnoses him. A full body MRI is ordered along with a CT scan of the chest. James' pain has eased a bit.
8:00 PM - Results are back and the MRI and CT scan show no signs of cancer anywhere other than the liver. Praise the Lord!
9:45 PM - The Abells call it a day...a very long day! James is in no pain.
There is not much of a time line to the day. We waited, waited and waited some more.
3:00 - Dr. Coscio delivers the preliminary results of the biopsy. It is liver cancer. It is isolated to one lobe of the liver. It is curable with surgery. Chemo is should not be necessary. And the best news...we can go home.

As of right now, James went to bed with a little pain. He is sleeping comfortably and is at peace with the diagnoses and prognoses. We will meet with Dr. Coscio on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning to discuss the full pathology report. Hopefully, we will see a liver specialist at MD Anderson Downtown by the end of the week or early part of next week. The details of surgery will be discussed at that appointment and I will pass that information on.

Please know that all posts will not be so great in length but I just wanted to catch everyone up~
James and I thank you for love and prayers.


"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:10-13


  1. Amy and James, just letting you know that Lee & I are praying & hoping for a speedy recovery. We love ya'll & if there is anything you need and we can help with it, just let us know.

    Always Family First!
    Uncle Lee and Aunt KayKay Cumpian

  2. You are in our prayers and have sent prayer requests all over the US. Love you, Janet and Bob

  3. James and Amy,
    We are Doug Downing's aunt and uncle in Ohio. We are praying as are several other people in our circle of acquaintances and our church prayer warriors. We KNOW God answers prayer-that is why we pray! Appreciate your blog. Know the reputation of MD Anderson is well known. God keeps his promises, so check out several of them and just hang on tight. He promises never to leave us. God Bless You both.
    Bill and Kathy Brandt

  4. Amy & James,

    You are believers, so you know that you are in God's hands. Gabe and I will say some special prayers for you. I have called our church and you are on our prayer list which means that you will have thousands praying for you.

    Love you,

    Aunt Joan & Gabe

  5. We here in Dacus are praying for ya'll everyday. If yall need anything, please call. Ya'll can always count on family

    Lots of love and hugs,
    Courtney, Jeremy and Casen

  6. James and Amos,
    You have been in our prayers since 6am Tuesday morning when I received the text message. Uncle Greg & I will continue to lift both of you up to the Father, and let Him take care of you. We love you and hope for a sucessful hunt in the morning. John 14:27
    Love you both,
    Aunt Donna & Uncle Greg

  7. James and Amy,
    Our thoughts and prayers are with both of you. I have talked with Stanley today and he told us about your illness. He also gave us your blog address and what a neat way to keep everyone informed. We understand what you and James are going through...we have been there! Keep those positive thoughts flowing!
    Uncle Allan Thomas and Aunt Ann