Sunday, December 26

Help for James and Amy

Hi all-

Most of you may already know me, but to introduce myself - I am James' sister, Lauren. I wanted to find a way to help my brother and Amy financially with some of the upcoming medical bills that they are facing. While they are blessed with good insurance, their out of pocket costs will be substantial, and James will be on short-term disability for anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

On the right side of the blog (underneath the followers), there is a "Donate" button to accept monetary donations. If you feel led to do so, please follow the button to PayPal to make a donation.

Thank you in advance for helping my brother and Amy in their time of need. Please continue to pray for them as James starts Chemo tomorrow at 8 a.m.

Thanks and love to each of you,


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  1. Love and support of family and friends is so vital at this time - we are glad to be able to help. Our prayers will be with you as you walk this path.